build2HOME Consumer Empowerment Program

Austin is the fastest growing, large city in America (or somewhere in the Top 3, typically contending with Raleigh and Dallas). So this means we have a BUNCH of demand with and LESS  supply in our residential market too.



The saying, “All real estate is local” is true and even specific unto different parts of just one city, especially with the unprecedented growth that Austin experiences. Whether it’s your first home or third, purchasing an Austin home is an incredibly exciting, intense, and sometimes emotional journey depending on many factors.



Austin is more than just the handful oft name-dropped subdivisions. There are older historic & established neighborhoods, as well the ever-changing outliers and wild cards, to the next up-and-coming ‘hot’ area that’s only getting hotter with more activity. Finding a property is the easy part –  it’s everything that follows finding your next home that matters. Negotiating is the next step and then after you’re under contract, you have to make it thru financing. This contract-to-close time period is the most sensitive period of time of the deal. The majority of deals fall apart here and reasons are: unseasoned, unsupervised agents with little to no experience at the helm. A report commissioned by the National Association of Realtors, by a third party, has even echoed this and called out their own industry for low education requirements and unprofessional inexperienced agents.

Our revolutionary Mentor2Close™ program allows the Broker to personally oversee and project manage your deal, not just a first-time agent. With this program, you’re assured of nearly two decades of experience being focused on your assets and financial out look every time you and Urban Squared Realty go into the market together.

Also, the COST of purchasing a home is always a concern – you have to pay for the inspector, appraiser, down payment, etc. That’s why we’re excited to announce build2HOME™The Consumer Empowerment program that puts money back in YOUR pocket! Get up to $2500 back when you purchase using the build2HOME™. We also have a build2HOME™ program specifically for renters where they can earn towards purchasing a home EVERY month they live in a build2HOME™ approved community. Contact one of our build2HOME™ agents with contact forms on this page, and they can talk to about the program and see if you qualify for they build2HOME™ renter program.

The only question we’re ever interested in is . . .
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